Soft Landscaping Northern Beaches

What is soft landscaping?

It translates to transforming a landscape with vegetation like plants, shrubs, trees, and lawns. Sounds like a fancy name, however, you would be surprised how plants without any excavation, pavers or gravel laying can transform an area. Soft landscaping can be used to accentuate walkways, trees, sitting areas or even the property itself. Depending on your wants and needs our experienced horticulturists at Tranquil Gardens Group will transform any space into the vision you once pictured.



Features of soft landscaping

Anything green you could think, whether it may be purely for aesthetic reasons or in the edible form (fruits and vegetable), we will create a green space for you and your family, friends, employees or clients to enjoy.

Tree planting, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a tree or plant grow no matter how long it takes. There is satisfaction in watching and nurturing a plant to maturity, reminiscing on the early stages of the seedling to enjoying the trees shade.

Hedge and Shrub Planting, may it be for privacy or looks shrubs and hedges are the middle ground of a garden. And they don’t all need to be high maintenance, depending on your preference and style some hedges and shrubs can get away with minimal pruning.

Flower beds, we will design an arrangement that embodies your design may it be the style, your companies branding, your favourite flower or favourite colour. We create flower beds that are mesmerising, temporarily taking your mind away from reality even for a second.

Lawn and Turf installation, every outdoor space or lawn deserves a cushiony, weed free, neat and uniform lawn. Whether your lawn is for running, sitting or admiring our team will help choose the most suitable lawn for your needs and purpose.


Things to consider about soft landscaping

Your ideas.

Whether its a certain style you're after or there are specific changes you want to be made we will put them into action. We will present practical options using our 18+ years of garden and landscape experience on landscapes throughout Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Your garden size

It may seem silly, but it is a common mistake, not checking how large a plant will grow, the root dispersion characteristic or growing habit. It is evident to most (but not all) that no matter how large your garden is there is a limit of space to plant, grow a lawn or to place walkways. Each metre of ground space doesn’t need to be filled, less is more in some cases, and we will always do what it takes to create a garden which highlights the space no matter how big or small.

Sunlight projection

Some plants may require direct sunlight while others may prefer shading, we consider minor details when designing and completing soft landscaping at your home or property.

Textures and colours

Your garden doesn’t have to be boring, and small, subtle contrasts can be the difference between an average garden and a professional garden. Our horticulturists plan every plant, lawn, soil or mulch used to emphasise and express the style, needs, and environment that you dreamed your outdoor area to have.

Landscaping Maintenance requirements

We take into consideration maintenance requirements of plants, trees, and shrubs before planting. And if there are high maintenance components our team will plan and draft a maintenance plan which will ensure your garden will grow and flourish. We also offer regular maintenance contracts.


Call us now on 0422 567 040 to organise an appointment or to speak with one of our experienced Horticulturists about how soft landscaping can transform your outdoor space.