Landscape Consultation Northern Beaches

Why landscape your home?

Firstly, why shouldn’t you have an outdoor area of your dreams? That you can relax, admire and spend time in? There isn’t a reason why. Apart from having the ability to completely transform the feel and style of your property or home, it is true when they speak of the therapeutic powers of nature. And that therapeutic power could be right at the edge of your home.

Landscaping apart from creating a therapeutic area and an aesthetically pleasing space can also increase the value of your property. Whether you are looking to sell in the near future or not. Landscaping when done right and when properly maintained will only need to be done once. When designing your outdoor space a good horticulturist and landscaper (like us!) will consider the longevity and maintenance within the design process.

In summary, a landscaped outdoor area of your dreams can be therapeutic, low maintenance and can significantly transform the style and atmosphere of your home or property. That should give you reason enough to consider landscaping your outdoor area, and there is no reason with a little help from professionals like us, that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy, relax and admire an outdoor area of your dreams!

landscape consultation northern beaches

Our Landscaping Process


Whether you have magazine excerpts, style ideas, needs and wants or not. We will facilitate your brainstorming, two (or three or five!) brains are better than one. Our team has designed a range of gardens in the 18 years of gardening and landscaping, from Bali themed gardens to gardens which rival the botanical gardens. We have done it all.

Soil assessment

We want to make sure before we choose any trees, plants or shrubs for your outdoor oasis that your soil can sustain them, and where possible we will tailor plants to your current soil. With over 18 years working in and around the Northern beaches area in Horticulture, we understand what thrives best in the area and what may need a bit of extra TLC to thrive. If your soil isn’t where we need it to be, we will include a soil plan to ensure it has the right nutrients, pH, and water absorbing rates that it needs to sustain not only your new plants and lawn but also the harsh conditions that an Australian summer brings.

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Choosing plants and materials

Choosing plants, mulches, pavers has more involved than matching them up to a magazine cover or a visual picture. We want to make sure that the plants, the mulches, and the pavers will be hardy, durable and will nurture each other. We take into consideration sunlight, fertilizer, mulch types and soil stability to ensure plants or pavers remain stable and don’t impede on natural water drainage.

Landscape Design Review

After injecting all our Horticulture brain power into your outdoor design, we will sit down with you and make sure you are happy. We will explain detail by detail why we choose the plants and the installation process which we are proposing.

Landscaping Management Plan

Once your new outdoor oasis has been created, we are not going to desert you and be on our way. We will explain what needs to be done to keep your garden thriving, may it be frequent watering, fertilising and lawn mowing. Don’t be discouraged, if you don’t have time we can take care of this too!


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